TRIBUTE-3000 in BA-2000 compartment, Evan S. (US)

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The boards set is available HERE.

An excellent project, perfectly implemented - TRIBUTE-3000 amplifier is built in the original Sansui BA-2000 compartment, using its PSU, regulators, and heatsinks.

Quote by the happy author of the build: "This amp has all the detail of a modern amplifier but it still has that Sansui 9500 ....charm? The modified BA-2000 has the detail, separation of instruments and smooth vocals of a modern amplifier that I like but has other qualities that remind me of the 9500. Sustain on guitar strings and cymbals are absolutely real. Vocals are again, authentic and live."

Here is an excellent article on Stereo Raven about the build:
Sansui BA-2000 Rebuild and Modification

TRIBUTE-3000 DIY project

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