VHex+ build, George P. (Romania)

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Quote from a diyAudio thread:

"Running tests these days on VHex+.
First, the bias is right on the spot from the time I switch the power on till the heat sinks reach 50 degrees Celsius. Rock stable. Also, the offset is easy to set.
Square wave is perfect. All measurements are made at +/-53Volts with 8ohm load.
Very nice good sounding little amp!"

Accompanying images:

VHex+ Module

VHex+ Module

VHex+ modules mounted on a heatsink.


VHex+ Clipping

Clipping at 1KHz - seamless recovery.


 1KHz Square Wave

1KHz Square Wave

1KHz square wave response.


VHex+ Rise Time

Rise time = 1.3uS at 64V => 49V/uS slew rate.


FFT 1KHz 20V

FFT 1KHz 20V RMS @ 8 ohm load (50W RMS).


FFT 1KHz 30V

FFT 1KHz 30V RMS @ 8 ohm load (112W RMS)


Note that excellent harmonics profile - practically only H2 and H3 are in place, no high-order components produced.

The amplifier is relatively simple and very easy to build and setup.

The boards, kits and assembled modules are available for VHex+.
A comprehensive building guide is available in the DOWNLOADS section.

See the posts about the other nice VHex+ builds:

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