VHex+ clean build, Greg G. (US)

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VHex+ biased at ~33.5mv, offset came right out. Very good design. Ground loop breaker was accomplished with a CL-60 in series between clean and dirty ground, one star for each channel. 

This amplifier continues to amaze me with incredible performance. I did Some boutique parts, but only in the signal path (Simics, Nichicon KG). Cardas binding posts. 

Capacitors are passive devices, therefore, they do not have as much impact as active ones, but they do make a small difference.

Nichicon, low ESR, high ripple caps were used in the PSU boards. This amplifier does everything well. The toughest thing for any system is female voices. I’ve tried the hardest recordings and with my somewhat soft tube DAC, female voices are rendered with incredible depth, resolution, and beauty. 

I listen to every type of music, I mean every type. This amp is such a good, all around, performer. However, It’s meaningless to cite albums you’ve never heard, let alone never heard in my listening room. 

This amp is a sonic blockbuster. Bias-wise, it takes about 20 minutes for the amp to reach stability. However, the sonic difference between cold and warmed up is not that much. I usually preheat heatsinks with hot air prior to biasing but with this amp I did not. First bias at 10 minutes, the second one at 20 minutes. Last at an hour.

It’s detailed, resolving and drives my Martin Logan Montis with authority! 

The boardskits, and assembled modules are available for VHex+.
A comprehensive building guide is available in the DOWNLOADS section.

VHex+ Classic build

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