Simpelstark AX2 Power Amplifier

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Simpelstark+ ODNF Amplifier Datasheet Title

Simpelstark is the unique hi-end amplifier with no global feedback and low amount of Only Distortion Negative Feedback (ODNF, 18db loop gain), especially good for acoustic music - classic, jazz, funk, soul, vocals.

Key specifications with +/-50V rails:

  • Maximum output power: 100W @ 8 ohm; 160W @ 4 ohm
  • Voltage gain 29db
  • Input impedance 47 Kohm
  • THD: 1KHz - 0.007%, 10KHz - 0.05%, 20KHz - 0.07% (measured at 50W @ 8 ohm)
  • IMD: 14+15KHz - 0.007% (measured at 50W @ 8 ohm)
  • SNR: 117db

The amplifier board dimensions: 180 x 100 mm.

Components, required for the high-quality DIY build are specified in "WHAT TO ORDER" section of the table below. In addition to that, you need to buy the transformers (2 x 250VA, 2 x 36V AC toroids) and the case (3U tall with good heatsinks). We deliberately don't offer the transformers and the case in our store as it's much more cost-effective to buy them locally.

Amplifier modules
Simpelstark+ V1.3 kit 
Simpelstark+ V1.3 boards set
Power supply modules
Compact Supply kit x 2
Compact Supply board x 2
Control system modules
V6.2.2 assembled bundle
V6.2.2 boards bundle
Power transformers 2 x 250VA, 2 x 36V AC toroids Please order in the local store
Compartment 3U case with good heatsinks
Please order in the local store


Please see more details in the Simpelstark Amplifier Datasheet.

Please Contact us if you have any questions or need some assistance regarding the products.

The building guide is available to the logged-in users in the DOWNLOADS area at the bottom of the HOME page.

Simpelstark+ Power Amplifier 


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