Amp Control System 6 V2.3 Boards Bundle (5 PCBs, Simpelstark family)

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Building guide for this product is available in the Downloads section.

The Bundle includes the following PCBs:

  • 1 x Amp Control board 6 V2.3 PCB
  • 2 x DC Offset Detect module PCBs (SMD or TH)
  • 2 x Temperature Sensing module PCBs

Amp control 6 V2.3 is a microprocessor controlled monitoring board that will shut down the amplifier, sending a signal to disconnect the speakers on any sign of a problem from the amplifier it is connected to.

It has onboard current sensing connections that monitor the voltage drop through a pair of emitter resistors of up to two amplifier channels. It monitors the temperature of up to 8 locations with remote temperature sensors connected over an I2C communication bus. It has a connector that is daisy chain connected to multiple DC detection board/speaker relays. It has a pair of onboard power relays and fusing that will start and protect a single main power transformer for an amplifier. It can communicate with power supplies with rail quick shut down MOSFETs that can be turned off in the event of an amplifier failure to minimize damage. It has an onboard mains voltage loss detection circuit to protect the supply transformer from brownouts and intermittent power loss. It has an input for a front panel switch, as well as a 12VDC trigger input and a shorted contact trigger input to signal power up. It controls a front panel LED that will signal power state and will flash trouble codes if a shutdown event happens. It’s expandable through communication over I2C, SPI or serial communication for just about any other imaginable interface need.

Please select SMD or TH output relays board variant with appropriate binding post option.