Tribute-3000 boards set (4 x PCBs, two channels)

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In memoriam of and inspired by the good old Sansui BA-3000.
A very fine amplifier with plenty of power, excellent harmonics profile and very good sound.

Key specs with +/-65V rails:

  • Maximum output power: 200W @ 8 ohm
  • Voltage gain 29db
  • Input impedance 47 Kohm
  • THD: 1KHz - 0.0075%, 10KHz - 0.008%, 20KHz - 0.0085% (measured at 50W @ 8 ohm)
  • IMD: 14+15KHz - 0.007% (measured at 50W @ 8 ohm)

The amplifier is easy to build - it starts right away at the first power-on (if built correctly), just zero-out the offset and set the bias.

Impressions of one of the builders, who has built Tribute-3000 in the original case of BA-2000 (also using the original PSU) -
please read HERE.