Referenz CFA boards set (4 x PCBs, 2 channels)

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Our public domain project, PDF images are available for home etching under the "Building Guides" link in DOWNLOADS area (you need to be logged in).

However, those builders who want to use professionally manufactured boards with a ground plane at the top side of IPS board can order them here.

Power rating:

100W @ 8 ohm
200W @ 4 ohm
400W @ 8 ohm (bridged, requires external phase splitter)

THD 20Hz - 20KHz: < 0.03% (measured at 50W @ 8 ohm)
IMD 14KHz+15KHz: < 0.03% (measured at 50W @ 8 ohm)

Transparent sound with solid bass and lots of details in the mids-highs.
Dead silent with no signal