VHex+ Classic boards set (2 x PCBs)

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Building guide for this product is available in the Downloads section.

VHex+ is a simple yet high-quality amplifier with a rather non-standard current-drive approach to voltage amplification stage arrangement, providing the low distortion in combination with fast step response = natural sound.

Key specs with +/-50V rails:

  • Maximum output power: 100W @ 8 ohm; 160W @ 4 ohm
  • Voltage gain 29db
  • Input impedance 27 Kohm
  • THD: 1KHz - 0.005%, 10KHz - 0.008%, 20KHz - 0.01% (measured at 50W @ 8 ohm)
  • IMD: 14+15KHz - 0.005% (measured at 50W @ 8 ohm)

Supplementary photo outlines the VHex+ reference build in our lab.

VHex+ may be used as a very good guitar amp.